I'm looking for a particular item, but don't see it on your website. Do you have it?

All of our available products are shown on our website. You may use the search option at the top of the page to locate items you are looking for. You may search by item number, or you may type in a descriptive word for the product you wish to find. If you have a product question, please feel free to Contact Us.

Why is there a price difference between the product shown on my flyer and the same item online?

Our site can give you some of the specials offered on our advertisements. For directions on how to apply a Department Number or Promotion Code to your order, visit How to Order.
*Please note only one Department Number/Promotion Code per order. Shipping and handling shown on your advertisement may not be reflective of postage and handling fees we currently charge on the site. Visit our Shipping Information page for more details.


What does it mean when you tell me you will process my check as an electronic fund transfer?

When you mail us an order and include your check, you are authorizing Artistic Direct® to process your check as an electronic fund transfer. This means that when we process your order, your check will be scanned & the image will be electronically transmitted to the bank (as opposed to the check being physically taken to the bank). Your original check is then destroyed. If you prefer that your check be handled as a 'paper check', you will need to send us the checking account, accompanied by your bank's routing number, to be flagged. This can be done by including a note with your check when you submit your order to us. All checks from that account will then be handled as paper checks. If we have not answered your question or need additional assistance, please Contact Us.

I tried placing an order on your web site, but it wouldn't go through. What's wrong?

There are a variety of reasons that an order will not submit. The web server may be busy or down, the connection from your service provider may be down, or there may be a problem with your computer or software. Please wait and try to submit your order at a later time. If you continue to experience problems and feel that the problem is with our service, please Contact Us.

I get a message that I don't have "cookies" turned on. What is this?

Cookies are a common system for holding small bits of information on your machine for the purpose of managing your shopping cart. On our site this is only used for your cart number, which allows us to tell the difference between one person's order, and another. Without this we cannot have a shopping cart system. We do not store cookies permanently. Our cookies expire after 20 minutes of inactivity or when you quit your internet software. Although some people and organizations have expressed concerns that cookies could be used for sinister purposes, our use of them is completely safe and transparent.

Will you sell or rent my name, address or email address to other companies?

We respect our customer's right to privacy. Once you have placed an order through our company, we may occasionally send you information, via email or U.S. mail, regarding special offers or products we feel might interest you. If at any time you decide that you would like to be removed from our email list, just click on the Unsubscribe link shown at the bottom of all of our emails. If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please Contact Us. We may also share your name and address with third party companies who have products that may interest you. Your email address and/or phone number will never be given out.