Frightfully Unique Halloween Decorations

Frightfully Unique Halloween Decorations

Halloween, that one time of the year in which the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are in abundance, it is socially accepted to dress up as an adult, and everyone seems to be competing to create the coolest haunted house. It’s easy to just get all your decorations from a local Halloween Store, however, the whole neighborhood probably has those same grave stones, creepy dolls and spider webs. If you want to go all out to create the coolest Halloween Decorations, here’s where you need to go!

Your Local Antique Store

If you have ever set foot in an antique store, you know they have a lot of cool and old items. Creepy dolls, antique dresses, and old photos are in abundance and would make for some super scary decorations. If you have seen the new Toy Story 4, you know how scary these stores can be.

Arts and Crafts Store

Whether you want to spend a lot of time creating the most fabulous decorations or want to just get it done and up, arts and crafts stores like will provide plenty of options. Involving children is easy, you can make spiders with pipe cleaners and pom pom’s,  stamp their red-painted hands on the windows or have them cut out cockroaches and tape those in the inside of lamps.  You can really create some cool ideas with the supplies at art stores.

Hardware Stores

Want to take on a big project for Halloween and construct a Halloween extravaganza? The hardware store is the place to go! Whether you want to build a Halloween entrance around your door, a light show, or just some regular scary gravestones and spider webs, they should have it.

Halloween Invites

If you are planning an awesome Halloween party, or just want to send your loved ones a Halloween greeting, make your cards stand out a little more with these fun Halloween Address Labels.

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