Artistic Labels is now Artistic Direct®

Evolving the Artistic Labels Identity
Artistic Labels has been a trusted source of personalized products for nearly a century! Our high-quality goods and dedicated customer service have made this possible, and they’re not going anywhere. As we head into the New Year, you may notice a few changes to our site and image. We’re excited to announce that we’ve revamped our brand: Artistic Labels is now Artistic Direct®!

Our new identity encompasses our existing product offering and the excellence you’re accustomed to receiving from Artistic Labels. At the same time, Artistic Direct will promote a more chic, youthful image, with the room to innovate, expand, and deliver you endless customized stationery solutions. You’ll be seeing a fun new logo, different fonts, and more pops of color across our websites and emails, but rest assured—you’ll still receive the same top-notch customer service, quick delivery, and quality products.

We’re honored that our address labels, stamps and stationery products have reached your homes and gone on to help celebrate many special occasions in the form of wedding invitations, baby announcements, holiday greetings, and new home notices. Thank you for your continued support of Artistic Labels as we transition to Artistic Direct, and make sure you checkout our new blog!